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TXT Act: Sweet Mirage Concert (5/9)
I just barely managed to get this top before the Golden Week holiday delayed shipping. It's something I really wanted regardless of the concert, but the reflective silver lace pattern and the pleated tulle trim, somehow it feels very on theme?
The first day actually fell on a class day for me, and it was my last opportunity to say "I skipped class to go to this!" for the forseeable future. As someone who wanted a more fun school experience, but never did anything, it's a bit lame but I kind of got a kick out of it. ;p
My mom actually likes TXT too, so we went together on the first day. She got a spot in the stadium seating, and I was on the floor in the first few rows.
I have anxiety disorder, and I had this really irrational fear that they might see me and I might be making a weird face. I started relaxing a bit after a few songs, but it's sad for me that I spent any amount of time worrying about this, because I really like them! I want to see them on stage as close as I can, but I get really scared of eye contact! Make it make sense... (´;︵;`)
Anyway, I took short videos of a lot of the performances. I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to it, and I also have an iPhone 6 with the lowest internal storage amount, so they're not that great, but if you can stand the shakiness and me not noticing when the camera starts facing the wrong thing, feel free to watch! (ーー;)
Cat & Dog
This song is SO FUN live! Not only was the crowd barking along here (sadly I didn't record that part this day), almost every time it was Yeonjun's turn to speak, people would start barking again and he would encourage it! (≧∇≦)
We Lost The Summer
Can't You See Me?
I wish I had recorded more of this. I remember this soapy bubbly stuff started falling down on us, and I got a little scared for my clothes (lol), but it disappeared on contact. I also remember feeling the fire that would shoot out, which surprised me. It was cool!
It didn't capture well in the footage, but it felt like the whole stadium was singing along to most of this. Because of how loud it was, you could sing along with it and no one would notice (I HOPE??), so it was really fun! (^^♪
I fucking LOVE this song OMG! The energy was so high! And Hueningie came up close to our side during the part where they get people to sing along!
Dear Sputnik
This is another one where everyone was singing along, but for some reason it didn't record well. I think this is my favorite video from the night. I want to go back...
Yeonjun Solo Dance
Opening Sequence
I'm so glad they recognize our love for Opening Sequence!
In the second clip, you could originally see where I just start waving along when Taehyun says "Hands up New York!" without turning off the recording (LOL), so I trimmed it out. xP
Good Boy Gone Bad
Omg is this kind of embarrassing..? Can you tell I like this song?
(o´艸`) I was literally freaking out because THE song and its choreography were right in front of my eyes! I wasn't sure if I should record, or if I should focus on it 100%, it shows especially in the beginning... But now I wish I had recorded with more care! I want to relive this properly! (;▽;)
Sugar Rush Ride
(I also just remembered I got tangled up in the streamers they dropped toward the end of the song xD)
Farewell, Neverland
Our Summer
The slogan for day one (no I will not put the Yeonjun photocard away), and I couldn't go without making sure I had a handful of LO$ER=LO♡ER money and some confetti pieces... (◜०﹏०◝)
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