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2023 VMAs (9/12)

In a dream-like turn of events, I was able to be in the audience as a Pit Fan for the VMAs this year. I applied for a ticket really early, but saw lots of people who applied later get Pit invitations faster than me, so I was kind of assuming it wouldn't happen... Until I got the email, and I started shaking and tearing up XD
As long as TXT were performing, I would have wanted to go no matter what, but knowing they were basically starting Freefall promotions there, and taking a risk by performing a completely new song for the first time, I really, really wanted to be able to cheer for them! So, I was really excited! :D
They had some dressing guidelines including rules about noticeable brand symbols, so I changed my outfit idea multiple times until I finally decided on my Victorian Maiden top, MILK gobelin skirt, brown cable knit Vivienne Westwood over-the-knee socks, a triple-row pearl choker and my Dolly rose combs. I also wore my armor ring, I can't remember if I wore any other rings too :p And I wanted to be able to run and stand for a long time, so for shoes I wore my black KOI mary janes (the kind with velcro closure).
I had wanted to arrive super early, but I got my timing messed up (as usual) and I ended up being right on time for the start of my check-in period. Luckily at that point there wasn't much of a line, so I was able to check-in and sit in a shaded area very quickly. It was a bit of a wait, I definitely sat for a few hours, but I was so nervous that time seemed to pass before I knew it.
Somehow my skirt got turned half around while I was walking to get in line... (I fixed it though!!) (/≧ω\)
Since I was late for being early, there were lots of people before me. By the time we entered the building and got placed in the audience, I was pretty much at the back, but no matter where you were, you were basically right next to some stage due to the way people were distributed in the space. Our phones were all sealed in cases, as an audience watching through their phones looks bad on camera, so I have no pictures or video, but honestly it doesn't bother me much.
Initially we weren't allowed to move from the section we were placed in (although a bit where a prop was rolled through the audience left me right by the railing of the left stage), which was lucky for me because TXT's seats ended up being like right in front of where I was... You guys... I was like what is going on... I didn't want to stare too much but it was so strange to me that I could just look up and see them like that. It was also Yeonjun's birthday in Korean time, so during a commercial break, some MOAs were trying to yell Happy Birthday to him, and I tried to do it too. I'm not sure if he heard lol... ;u;
I'm not really a fan of any of the performers besides TXT, but seeing them live was definitely an interesting experience! Actually, Stray Kids ended up performing before TXT, at the stage where I was originally standing, and I had never heard their songs before then, but I really started liking their song S-Class after hearing it live (I would actually consider myself a fan now btw). :)
Unfortunately though at some point I started getting a terrible headache and nausea. I brought painkillers just in case, but I didn't have water, so I had to swallow them dry and I thought I was going to choke!! T_T I also realized after the Stray Kids stage that TXT were probably going to be on the opposite side, so at first I thought I would take my chances slipping over there sneakily, but then I just directly went to a staff member and asked if I could move to the other stage, and they said yes! :3 Each stage has a little section in front of it with the people who were the earliest, and then a railing, and then the rest of the pit. I was able to stand at the railing, and it was really such a good view. I was so happy!!
When TXT finally came to the stage I instantly forgot all my pain XD I've always been a very reserved and restrained person, but since becoming a fan of TXT I feel like I really learned the joy of expressing emotion for people, like screaming and cheering. I had so much fun reacting to all the cool choreography, and the song of course was really good! I'm sure it'll always be special to me because of this experience. I really lost my shit when Anitta put her hand on Yeonjun's shoulder, I have no idea if I was close enough to a mic for my screaming to have been picked up, but I'm sure I sounded not too different from the one that was caught in the official performance upload!! XD
When the performance was finished, it was like I lost all of my energy in a second. I was so sick, to the point where I asked if I could sit literally ANYWHERE, even outside. I had to wait to get a cup of water from the water tank and even then I felt like I might just throw up. I spent the rest of the time sitting on some prop in the very back of the pit with my face in my hands. When everything was finally over though, somehow I managed to feel better (maybe the painkillers finally kicked in?).
Overall, despite getting sick, I had a really fun time! If TXT attend next year as well, I hope I can go again! I'd definitely show up earlier, and I'd probably try to be more hydrated as well... ^^' It's pretty convenient because there's such a diverse mix of fans, even though there were lots of dedicated fans of each performer, it's not as though *everyone* is fighting to see the same artist(s), which makes it easier to get a good view of who you like!
Oh, also besides Pit Fans, there was something called Red Carpet Fans, which is where you can take pictures, record video and ask questions to artists... It sounds really cool, and yet also terrifying (for an extreme introvert such as myself)...! It also means you can't attend the main show. Even though I'm really curious about it, I feel like I'd just end up wasting the experience if I had it... And I also love performances! So I'll have to keep thinking about it....