♥ TXT ♥
Favorite Song
I'm so bad at picking just one!!! I literally like ALL of their songs. Maybe it's Tinnitus though... Frost..? Eternally...
Favorite Choreography
I think I can go with Tinnitus as my definite favorite (for now...), but again it's not as if I don't love like every other choreography they have... It just feels so connected to the sound, and there are these really pretty and delicate motions, I don't know how to describe it but I just love it. It's as addictive to watch as it is to listen.
Favorite Music Video
Frost Special Performance Video... If looks could kill...
Yeonjun... (/ω\)
Favorite Styling (One Performance)
Lollapalooza 2022 (I think the reason why is obvious...)
Favorite Styling (Era)
It's really hard to pick between 0x1=LOVESONG, LO$ER=LO♡ER, Good Boy Gone Bad, and Sugar Rush Ride promotions... So I won't!
When I Became A Fan...
February 2023, I think right around when Sugar Rush Ride promotions ended. I actually saw their teaser photos back in January through either BIGHIT or HYBE's Twitter, and thought the styling was so pretty! But I didn't check them out right then. A little while later I saw the MV for Blue Hour in my recommended videos and I just decided to watch. I really liked their sound and concept, so after that I started looking at all their other stuff. (❁´ω`❁)

A large part of it was also seeing Yeonjun's involvement in fashion-related things. When I didn't really know anything about them as individuals, and was just sifting through content with no real direction, as you would imagine what I looked at first were things like magazine interviews, or fashion photoshoot behind videos. In Yeonjun's ELLE photoshoot sketch from 2021 (and this was also the first time I heard Frost!), there's a question like what is fashion to you, and he says fun, and also challenge, and that stuck out to me.

I consciously try to avoid "filling in the blanks," or assuming the best, when it comes to the feelings or words of people I don't know, but he does just demonstrate this enthusiasm about being unique and flashy, and I like it a lot. Through becoming a fan of Yeonjun, I was naturally exposed to the personalities of all of them, and they really grew on me.